about us

The PCR Naturals’ mission is simple… to provide quality, lab tested, phytocannabinoid (cannabidiol) rich supplements to help people live healthier everyday. Our supplements are made in the USA and grown using organic farming practices, from non-GMO, whole industrial hemp plants.
All of us at PCR Naturals have personally witnessed the positive effects of our supplements with friends and family. We have also, unfortunately, seen too many people who could have benefited from our products but due to the lack of access, misinformation and/or time they could not take advantage of our supplements. It is time for us to take our health into our own hands. This is why we created PCR Naturals.
What does Kenkō mean? Kenkō is the Japanese word for “health” and is also our flagship line of products: Kenkō Soft Gel Caps, Kenkō Tinctures, and Kenkō Relief Cream. We at PCR Naturals believe that in order to have optimal health we need to keep our endocannabinoid system in homeostasis, in other words “in balance.” Our Kenkō line is designed to do exactly that… to keep your “health in balance.” Please contact one of our specialists if you or someone you know is ready to start living a more balanced and healthier lifestyle. The PCR Naturals Family is ready to help!