In keeping with our commitment to be a socially conscious and sustainable company, PCR Naturals uses local labs in the Bay Area to test our hemp oil.

• Dangerous solvents or ingredients are never used during processing of our products.
• Accuracy is of the most importance, thorough testing is performed on each batch prior to packaging to ensure the highest quality.
• If you are unsure about our testing or quality of products, feel free to contact us.

Below you will find the certificates of analysis of four of our products. Included in the analysis is the screening for solvents, chemical residues and microbiology of our product as well as terpene profiling.

 KENKO 25mg CBD Softgel

KENKO Relief Cream 200mg CBD

KENKO Anti-Inflammation Tincture 250mg CBD

KENKO Sleep Tincture 400mg CBD

KENKO Body Oil 200mg CBD

KENKO Moisturizing Lotion 200mg CBD

KENKO Beeswax Salve 200mg CBD